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Amplates - Custom Faceplates for DIY Guitar Amps.
Antique Electronic Supply - Tubes, transformers, caps, resistors, parts, parts, parts.
Angela Instruments - Audio specialty items for the music industry and hobbyist.
Bits-N-Pieces - Laser engraving, for great looking faceplates.
Digi-Key - Quality electronic components.
Hoffman Amplifiers - Tube amp parts and building supplies.
Jenkins Sound Shop - Large collection of tolex and grille cloth, speakers and cabinets.
McMaster - Carr - Online catalog of industrial supplies.
Mouser Electronics - General electronic components. Resistors, pots, caps, switches...etc.
STF Electronics - Supplies for vacuum tube constructors.
Triode Electronics - Electron tubes and tube amplifier parts.
Vibroworld - Discount tube guitar amp parts.
Weber VST - Manufactures vintage style loudspeakers, chassis and more.
Resources - The Cooperative Tube guitar Amp Project.
Aiken Amplification - Loads of excellent articles in the tech info section.
Ampage - Web community for music electronics.
Basic Electronics - A great place to start if you are new to electronics.
Basic Soldering Guide - Article on basic soldering.
Duncan's Amp Pages - Internet resource for guitar amps, vacuum tubes and design tools.
Tonepad - A resource for DIY music.
Casey4s - Tutorials about cabinet construction, applying tolex and more.
Grillcloth Tutorial - Instructions on how to install grillcloth.
Schematic Symbol Reference - Information on common electronic symbols.